Toilet seats do wear out and need replacing from time to time.

The good news is you don’t have to replace the entire toilet; we supply a wide range of toilet seats and replacement parts for Kohler and Englefield toilets.

It’s important to get expert advice and order the correct parts because once opened Health Regulations prevent us from accepting returns.

Toilet seats come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types so here are some tips and tricks to help you choose and install the right toilet seat and the correct parts.

How do I know what toilet seat will fit my toilet?

You’ll first need to check if your toilet is branded Kohler, Englefield or Jacob Delafon. Is your old seat elongated, round front, or D-shaped?

Does your seat feature soft or quiet close hinges or is it a standard close seat?

If you’re not sure the best way to get it right is to take a photo of the old toilet seat and toilet and send it through to the sales team.

Generally, if your toilet is a current model or even obsolete then finding a new seat will usually be straightforward.

Measuring for your new toilet seat

You’ll also need to measure the toilet to check you’re ordering the right replacement.

  1. Measure the distance between the fixing holes.
  2. Measure from the centre of the fixing holes to the front of the pan.
  3. Check the distance from the back inside of the toilet rim to the front inside.
  4.  Measure from side to side (outside) of the pan
  5. And from side to side (inside) of the pan.

Are toilet seat fixing holes standard?

Unfortunately, the size and spacing of bolt holes is not standardised.

You’ll see a huge variation across different manufacturers, models as well as between old and new toilets.

Toilet seat replacement sizes

Most toilet seats come in specific dimensions to suit particular toilet models.

Even if your toilet is an older obsolete model we can usually find a quality replacement seat that will fit.

Toilet seat replacement types

Most modern toilet seats now feature a soft-close design as standard.

Soft close seats close slowly and quietly with just a gentle push to start them, thanks to special slow closing hinges.

These hinges will eventually wear out and need replacing.

Standard close toilet seats; the old fashioned type simply drop onto the pan under the force of gravity and unless you hold them all the way down they can be very noisy.

contact tecnical support team

Can you replace just the toilet seat?

Yes, you can replace all types of toilet seat.

Not sure if your toilet needs to be replaced or can it just be repaired – Click here for our comprehensive guide.

Do all toilet seats fit the same?

No, toilet seat fixings vary widely across manufacturers and models.

Quality Genuine Toilet seat replacement price

Toilet seats vary in price from around $100 to $400.

Older models can be hard to obtain when manufacturers cease supplying obsolete models and this too may affect price.

Kohler and Englefield Toilet Seat Parts

It’s a fact of life; toilet parts wear out and need replacing. The most common parts that wear out are the seat, hinges, bumpers, and washers.

Standard parts may be difficult to supply for older obsolete seat models and in these situations we might recommend a new toilet seat.

Kohler Toilet Models

Calypso Toilet Seat

The Kohler Calypso is now a discontinued range, and for more information on possible replacement options, call or email our sales team.

Milano Seat

The Englefield Milano is an elegantly designed soft-close toilet seat (upgraded from a standard close seat) that fits the premium quality Milano BTW (Back to Wall) toilet suite.

Featuring robust metal hinges, the Milano is designed to last. It comes in white and includes toggle kit and instructions.

Odeon Seat

Designed to fit the Kohler Odeon and Ribbon Reef toilet suites, this soft close toilet seat (upgraded from a standard close seat) features a slimline elegant design that will look at home in any bathroom.

Escale Toilet Seat

The Escale soft-close toilet seat features a distinctive D-shaped design suitable for the Kohler Escale Back To Wall Toilet Suite. It comes in white only.

Parliament Toilet Seat

This is a soft-close seat with sturdy metal hinges (upgraded from plastic hinges) designed to fit the Kohler Parliament Toilet Suite. It comes in white only.

Toilet Seats

Here is a list of the more commonly requested toilet seat parts.

We only have very limited stocks of some items but if you’re looking for parts for older toilets please contact us.

Seat hinges, Toggles and hinge plates

Bumper kits

Here is a list of the more commonly requested bumper kit parts


The hinges attach the seat to the toilet pan and allow the seat and lid to be opened and closed separately.

Like any moving part they will wear out with time and use. Typically the seat will start to become lose and move around. You might notice cracks in the hinge covers or plates and the soft close hinges may no longer work properly.

Eventually, the hinges may break down completely so that the seat no longer stays safely attached to the toilet.

Hinges are usually specific to the toilet seat manufacturer and model so if you know this it will usually be straightforward finding the right part.  

Contact our sales team and we’ll help you order the right parts.

You can install hinges yourself although it can be a fiddly job and you need to be careful not to over tighten screws as they can crack the porcelain pan.

If you’re not feeling confident feel free to give out qualified and expert installers a call.

Bolts / Toggle / Blind Fixing kit

Toilet seat toggle kits

Bolts, toggles, and blind fixing kits attach the hinges to the pan.

Toggle or Blind Fixing kits are not sold separately but come in a kit of two and you need to order the correct item for the toilet model.

Most DIYers can change these without the need for an authorised tradesman although if the old bolts have become rusty or damaged they can be tricky to remove.

You can order toggles through our website or sales team.


Toilets typically have washers (usually a rubber or plastic ring) to provide a seal both between the cistern and the toilet bowl and to seal around the inlet / outlet valves.

When these washers wear out you’ll find water constantly running into the toilet bowl or the cistern filling up constantly. We recommend replacing the complete inlet / outlet valve as just replacing a washer might not fix it.

Replacing these parts can be a tricky job and if you get it wrong you may make the problem worse or damage the valve system so we recommend the services of an authorised tradesman.

Washers and inlet / outlet valves are specific to each model so you need to order the correct part. Talk to our sales team if you’re in doubt.

inlet or outlet valve?

To check whether it’s the inlet or outlet valve at fault take the lid off the cistern. Flush the toilet and watch the water level rise as it fills up again.

If the level rises above the inlet valve you probably need to replace the inlet valve.

If the water level stops at the correct level but you continue to see water leaking into the bowl then you probably need to replace the outlet washer.

replace outlet seal

To replace the outlet seal; turn off the water supply to the toilet. Flush the toilet to empty the cistern.

Squeeze the tabs on both sides of the canister, and pull the canister straight up and out of the flush valve. Remove and replace the seal on the bottom of the canister.

reinstall Canister

To reinstall the canister: remove and replace the seal on the bottom of the canister.

Push the canister into place and turn clockwise. Carefully replace the cistern. Turn on the water supply to the toilet.

Flush the toilet several times using first one push button and then the other to verify proper operation. Check for leaks.

replace inlet valve

Replacing the inlet valve is even more straightforward. Simply lift the cistern lid, unscrew the water connector, replace the washer and reconnect.

Check for leaks.


Part No U100049

Bumpers or buffers are the soft rubber of plastic pads on the underside of the lids or seats that provide a cushion between the porcelain pan and the seat or lid.

These will wear out, harden and possibly crack and fall out. You need to know the specific toilet seat manufacturer and model to get fitting replacement bumpers.

Spare parts are not available for all models. You can install these yourself although they can be fiddly to remove.

You can order new ones through our website or call our sales team. If replacement parts are not available you may need a new seat.

Hinge Plates

Some toilets feature a hinge plate—these can become cracked or worn. Hinge plates are specific to toilet seat manufacturers and models.

If replacement parts are not available we usually recommend replacement of the seat.

Toilet Seat Replacement Service

Save time and hassle, let the experts come and replace your toilet seat.

We recommend the services of Hygrade Plumbing – authorised service agents for Kohler, Englefield, Reece Plumbing Supplies, Saniflo, Insapipe  (Lomac), and Ciclon throughout Australia. That’s what makes them the spare parts specialists.

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