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Hinges & Brackets

Englefield Shower Hinge Bush


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Elevation Shower Slider


Shower Parts

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Shower Parts

Valencia Frame Block


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Omega Shower Hand Piece 11


If you're looking for a bathroom & shower parts supplier, look no further than Bathroom Parts Australia. We carry the major brands in Shower parts here so that our customers can find what they need to keep their bathrooms and showers an enjoyable and relaxing space.

You can choose from our range of shower parts products such as shower screw cover, lid adapter, door seals, shower towers and shower sliders.

As one the largest supplier of shower parts or accessory parts in Australia, Bathroom Parts Australia offers a wide range of Hi flow waste parts, Shower and floor waste parts, Hinges or brackets aswell as Hoses and sliders.

At Bathroom Parts Australia, we're here to help you find the perfect shower part products for your bathroom space. You can also place an order online, and we'll deliver it right to your job site if needed!