The Kohler Reach is the next generation of the very popular Reach compact back to wall toilet suite. The Reach offers a combination of practical, solution driven features including flared straight skirt and HygieneMax™ rimless pan. 

Kohler Reach Toilet


Listed below are all the available spare parts for the Reach Kohler toilets.

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The Kohler Reach Back to wall toilet with integrated bidet offers fully customisable personal cleaning functions and a rimless pan and a quiet close, quick release toilet seat.

The Kohler Reach 2 Back to Wall Suite is available with either a wrap seat or slim seat and features a 3.5 star water rating.

In 2000, Kohler purchased Englefield, adding sanitary products, to the range, so providing the complete bathroom solution.

Kohler has been leading the way in style and innovation since the company was founded in 1873.

The Kohler Reach Back to Wall toilet features a wall facing mounting, with the water tank/ cistern hidden inside the wall cavity. This allows you to optimise your bathroom space. There is also an option for wall hung toilet mounting.

The built-in LED nightlight and deodoriser function are smart features that help to transform the Kohler Reach Back to Wall toilet from an essential but ugly device to a must-have stylish statement for optimum hygiene.

With a 3.5-star water rating and luxurious build, the reach is one of Kohler’s most luxurious toilets.

Along with the premium features listed below, the Reach comes equipped with a quiet-close seat and quick-release seat.

  • Compact 610mm projection – ideal for small spaces
  • P-trap set out: 185mm
  • S-trap set out: 90mm-170mm with vario pan connector 12503A-NA (supplied); 170 – 230mm long adjustable vario pan connector 77837A-NA (not supplied, available via Hygrade Plumbing).
  • Rimless pan
  • WELS 4 Star, dual flush 4.5/3L
  • Quiet close, Quick release toilet seat
  • Top left rear and side entry 
  • Available with either Wrap Seat or Slim Seat.

The Kohler Reach Toilet is designed for real peace of mind function. However, as with any toilet, parts will eventually wear out or break.

In addition to the standard toilet spares such as hinges, seats, inlet/ outlet valves and mounting bolts we also supply spare smart parts, electronic circuitry and motors for the Kohler.

The Kohler brand has been making bathroom-ware since and 1873 and has built an outstanding reputation for excellence.

As the toilet seat is one of the highest wear areas with any toilet, replacement parts for the Reach Back to Wall toilet suite are in high demand.

We supply all seat parts for Kohler including:

  • Seat hinge housing
  • Bumpers and screw plugs
  • Hinges, bushes and hinge caps
  • Seat and lids
  • Main control & driving control modules 
  • Switching power supply unit

You can get all your Kohler pan and seat replacement parts from us, including:

  • Gear box lid opening units
  • LED night lamp units
  • Switch assembly units
  • Flow meters and dry motors
  • Air pumps and deodoriser motors
  • Water heater units

We supply a complete range of Kohler in-wall cistern replacement parts including:

  • Mounting bolts
  • Gaskets
  • Outlet valve seals
  • Inlet/ outlet valve assemblies
  • Outlet pipes and waste connectors
  • Flush button faceplates and kits
  • Bidet hoses

We supply replacement remote control fixing and mounting kits as well as remote controller assemblies. These are easy to replace as they simply screw directly into the wall.

See below for generic dual flush cistern installation guide.Reach Installation

See below for generic flush valve installation guide.Reach Flush Valve Installation


See below for generic push button installation guide.Reach Push Button Installation

See below for Reach toilet seat installation guide.

Click to download the full installation guide.

Reach Seat Installation


We know you’ll love the stunning contemporary lines of the Reach wall toilet with the uv self cleansing bidet.

And when it comes time to replace worn or damaged parts we are the go-to experts for the correct replacement parts for luxury toilets.

We have probably the largest and most comprehensive ranges of toilet parts in the country. If we haven’t got the correct part for your toilet we can get it or find an alternative solution.

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