Kohler’s Portrait is the perfect addition to any bathroom with its bold yet durable design.

With an attractive look that will never go out of fashion, this modern toilet delivers exceptional water conservation and great style for your home.


Kohler Portait



Listed below are all the available spare parts for the Portrait Back to Wall Kohler toilets.

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The Portrait collection draws its inspiration from the understated sophistication of French Provincial design.

With its sculpted lines and soft edges, this Portrait toilet reflects the contours found in traditional furniture yet is versatile enough to fit many bathroom styles.

The sleek one-piece compact toilet comes with a gentle-close seat and lid that detach for easy cleaning.

Kohler’s toilets are not only luxurious but also long-lasting. The company has been producing exceptional quality for over 100 years and have learnt a lot about delivering superior build durability.

Their products lasts much longer than normal bathroom fixtures giving you the peace of mind knowing that your bathroom parts are durable and long lasting.

Kohler also supply all spare parts needed with a range including cisterns to toilet seat pans.

The Portrait includes the following features:
  • Portrait Suite Collection
  • Single flush(6L)
  • Lengthened design for added comfort
  • Same product with anti-scratch seat can be found by 3490T-S-0
  • S trap: 305mm

The Kohler Company has been producing exceptional quality toilets and toilet parts for more than 100 years.

In that time, they’ve perfected crafting superior and durability toilet parts which is why their products can last up until 10 times longer than normal bathroom fixtures.

We supply spare parts of the Portrait range – from cisterns to seat pans, have a look at our online store.

We supply all spare tank parts for Kohler toilets including:

  • Tank lids
  • Inlet valve R & T
  • Seals & rubber washers
  • Rear inlet hoses
  • Water shutoff valves
  • Outlet valves
  • Bungs & seals
  • Flush button
  • Pushrod assemblies

We supply all replacement pan parts including:

  • Fixing kits (pan to tank)
  • Fixing brackets (pan to floor)
  • Pan offset collar & waste pipe seal
  • Vario pan connector (standard & long)

We supply all seat parts for the Kohler Portrait back to wall toilet including:

  • Seat and lid
  • Seat hinge housing
  • Hinges, bushes and hinge caps
  • Bumpers and screw plugs


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